Hottest Trends For Loft In 2017

Redecorating your home could always be fun if you are aware of the hottest trends that are prevailing in the market. Every year you would come across some of the most distinctive designs in the market and people adapting it. There have been some designs this season, which are making a comeback as per Loft Conversion Specialists.Want to read more? here is the link:

Flower and Colors

Floral designs are one such pattern which are coming back in every form. There designs are in the form wallpaper, canvas prints and so on. There are various floral textiles also which are making a comeback this season and you can use it to decorate the loft. However, for those who think that the latest floral design has something to do with the pattern of 1980s then they are doing a big mistake because 2017 is all about keeping it minimalistic.

Colors are the theme today with people loving to paint their lofts with different colors and themes. Not just the colors, the whole pattern and structure of the lofts are also changing. Loft Conversion Specialists would tell you how having a featured wall has become the latest trend. One of the best ways to use the loft conversion is to convert it into a well furnished bathroom with all the latest facility. The new trend is different from the previous ones as people are no more trying to differentiate the decor of the room and the bathroom. So, we have told you enough about the floral design, but in case you have already opted for the patterns such as a metal finish then do not change it because it is still in trend.

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Loft Extension Is A Normal Process Unless Your House Has These Conditions

Article Written By : Skyline Lofts UK

There has been an increase in the demand of more spacious houses as well as better utilization of the spaces available in London.  You would also want to extend the loft in your houses and utilize the space in a better way. Although Loft Extensions in London are not uncommon, there would be certain conditions in which you would require permission.

Things To Consider

Usually, loft conversion or extension does not require any approval, but then there are various conditions under which you will have to get the permit. For instance, the rules and regulations tell that the material used in making the roof and the one which is used for extension of the loft should be the same.  Further, loft extension is not allowed in the designated areas. By designated area we mean National Parks, World Heritage sites and conservation areas.

Further, you should also consider whether this loft extension is putting an extra pressure on your home.  Not all the buildings have structure that can be perfect for taking the weight of the loft. There are building control officers who would assess whether your home can have loft extension or not. What the experts do usually is that they dig a small hole in the wall to check out the quality of the material and thereafter it is decided whether extra support is needed to take the weight of loft extension in Londonhouse or not. In case, there is need of beefing up the material in your house, then it will cost you even more.

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Increase The Space With Loft Conversion

Article Written By : Skyline Lofts UK
Most of the people in London do feel the need of a new bigger house at some time in their life as their family starts to grow and everyone wants his own space. This issue happens mostly with the large families. The family members start to complain about the small spaces and you suddenly feel the need of bigger house. But buying a new big house will cost you a lot of money. So, it is best to have a loft conversion in your home. There are many companies which provide the facility of loft conversion in London.

Things to consider in loft conversion

There are many things that you need to consider in your loft conversion. Some of those important things are highlighted below.

  • Height: The first thing that you need to consider is the height of the loft. So, before starting with your project, you can consult it with the conversion company regarding the height of the loft. These companies will provide you with the best and the cheapest way of converting your loft.
  • Permission: Most of the loft conversions require local building authority permission in order to start with your project. Small scale conversion can be done without any kind of permission, but all the major loft conversions need permission to start your project. These loft conversion companies can help you in getting the permission from the local authorities.
  • Party wall: If there is an issue of party wall with your property, then these companies can also provide you with party wall agreement with your neighbour if there is any kind of dispute.
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Everything You Need To Know About Loft Conversion – Is It Really Worth It?

Most of us are struggling with space issues in our houses. Due to increase in family members we can fall short of space in the house, which can lead to various troubles. Moving to a new home can be costly but if you have a loft then you can go for loft conversion. Loft conversion is a process in which your attic or roof area gets converted into a well built room.

You do not have to leave your surroundings and enjoy your stay in the same home, when you opt for loft conversion. In this article, we will be studying some major facts about loft conversion. On London Loft Conversions website, you can look through their portfolios to get an idea of how they have handled conversion projects. Contact us to more about us.

Learn some facts about the loft conversions – Do I really need it?

London Loft Conversions are popular projects being handled, currently. Highly skilled workers can help you to enhance the space in your house. Here are some facts about loft conversion –

  • Loft conversion increases space in the house and so if you wish to sell your house in future this will certainly enable you to get high price. Actually, the selling price of your house increases.
  • Loft conversion will provide all your desired amenities, so there is no need to be concerned about it. You can work with the architect and easily find a way.

Loft conversions can take a lot of time and hence being patient is the key.

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Different Types of Loft Conversions Available These Days

A loft conversion is an easy and efficient way to transform the garret area into a functional room. You can convert the extra space in your house into an extra bedroom, a gym, a library, or an office space. This unused space can even serve as an income earning source. To carry this conversion technique in your house, you need to understand the concept and the different types of loft conversions available in the market.

How to go about a loft conversion process?

Making productive use of the attic can be a complicated process. To understand the different types of a loft conversion, firstly you need to identify your objectives. Also, you need to decide on the amount that you can spend on getting the procedure done.  Once you are clear on these two aspects, you need to find good loft conversion specialists in your area.


Contacting them and discussing your goals with them would help you accomplish the entire process quickly, easily and efficiently without any hassles. These professionals would proceed by taking a thorough inspection of the unused space in your house. This is a necessary step because the space that you want to convert into any other form should meet the essential requirements of its dimensions.

Types of loft conversions

Different types of loft conversion are performed by the loft conversion specialists. Two of the popular types are Roof Window Conversion and Dormer Conversion.

Roof Window Conversion:

This is a beneficial option for people, who wish to extend their house. There is very less construction involved in this type as it is developed in a way that remains in line with the house roof. The windows are installed in a manner to provide enough light to the space.

The best part of this conversion is that one does not require any planning permission to make it work. Though one require building regulation approval to get this procedure done.

Dormer Conversion:

This is another preferred type of loft conversion. In this type, conversion is made to create extra space in the loft region. It adds an aesthetic elegance to the house. One has to have planning permission and necessary approval from the concerned authorities before commencing this project.

Other conversions are hip conversion, glade conversion and mansard conversion. All these different types of loft conversions are incorporated on the basis of the features and circumstances of the house.

Thus, a loft conversion is one of the best ways to make effective utilization of the untouched, and unwanted space, and broken and unused materials in the house. Choosing the right type of loft conversion leads to productive utilization of the house with ample space for everybody.

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Loft Extension – An Easy Way To Add Space To Your House

Article Written By: Skyline Lofts UK

Many families grow as the time passes from grandparents to grandchildren. All the family members need their living space whether it’s a grandfather or a newly born grandson. The family keeps on growing and there is a constant increase in the number of members in the family. So, when you start to feel that your house does not has enough space left for every family member to live happily, you move to some other place or you buy a bigger house for your family in London. Now, with the facility of loft extension you do not need to buy a new house or move to some bigger house. There are many companies which are offering the facility of loft extensions in London.

These loft extension companies use the extra space from your house and turn that extra unused space into a bedroom. Many people do loft conversion in their house for increasing the appeal of their house, increase the intensity of light to enter in their house, improve the ventilation and air flow in their house and most importantly for adding extra living space to their house for better living conditions. Also, you need to take the permission from the local planning commission of that particular area before starting with the loft extension project.

Benefits of loft extension

There are numerous benefits of loft extension. Loft extension not only provides more space but it also increases the value of your house. Loft extension is considered as the best investment done in house. It has been proven that efficiently and properly done loft extension can increase the resale value of your home by 20% which adds to the original value of the house. Staying in a home with loft extension also saves your money which you were going to spend in relocation process and buying a new home for your family. Loft extension also increases the view from your house as now you are at greater height from the street level. Loft extension allows more sunlight to enter in your house. Many people install windows on the extended part which gives them the longer range of view and more sunlight to enter the house.

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Best Way To Add Extra Space In Your Property

Article Written By: London loft conversions

No matter how big house you have, at one point of time, you will always feel the lack of living area that you start looking for the property expansion methods. This is because investment in the big house is not affordable for everyone.  Out of the several ways, one of the best ways to add more living space in the house is loft conversion. It is a great way by which you can utilize the unused space in your house.  House owners who have limited space in their property find this type of property expansion method as a cheap and reliable way to enhance their property area. In London, there are lots of people who are opting for this type of property expansion method because of the higher reliability and low cost of expansion. If you also want to increase the living space in your house, you can get the services of the London loft conversions specialists for the best expansion of your house.

Planning for the loft conversion

It may sound simple but in reality it is quite difficult to get the loft conversions done in your house. In London, it is necessary to first get the loft conversion plan approved by the concerned state authorities. So when you hire the services of the loft conversion companies or the independent loft conversion specialist, you can be relaxed as they will seek the approval on your behalf for loft conversions in your property. Thus, you can ensure that no illegal constructions are done on your property which could land you into trouble.

While preparing the plan for the loft conversion, the loft conversion specialists consider different aspects of the property for loft conversion. This helps them to know the reliability of the loft conversion in the property. Some of the general considerations include:

  • Space available in the interior and exterior of the property for loft conversion.
  • Length and width of the property
  • Adjacent constructions around the property
  • Design of roof and architecture of the house
  • Construction material of the house
  • Purpose for which the loft conversion is to be done

With all these major considerations, the best plan for the loft conversion is developed.

Things that are interconnected with loft conversions

Those, who think that construction or expansion of the loft conversion is enough, they are probably wrong. There are certain things that are obvious with all types of loft conversion. Hence, there is a need to pay attention to the other features of the loft conversions for a complete expansion.  As, most of the lofts are created by utilizing the attic or roof space, so there is a need for the stair case to reach newly created room. Thus, it is very important to consider the right position for stair case construction and its height.

Another thing which is vital to keep in mind is the type of window in the loft conversion. Depending upon the reason for which you have got the loft conversion, you need to select the right position and size of the window. In addition to these, the interiors of the lofts should also be considered.

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A Complete Guide On Loft Conversion: Using Your Attic Space

Article Written By:  Loft Conversion Specialist

Have you considered the point of converting your attic space to a beautiful elegant loft? If yes, then you can easily convert the spacious area of your attic which may not be much useable into a useable place. A loft can be made like an extra bedroom or entertainment or relaxing room and also can be used as a workplace or some artistic workstation. Before enjoying the luxury of sitting in your loft, you have to understand the types of loft conversion that you can go for. You also have to look for loft conversion specialist for the job so as to get the best out of the space available.


Attic space useable for loft or not

By investing some money, you can get your loft converted into a beautiful place that can be used for several things. Additionally, a loft can add great significant aesthetic value to your home where people may be jealous of you.  Then, there must be a question whether your attic place is useable for loft conversion or not. Although, it is said by experts that most of attic place can be converted but still there are three factors which decide the eligibility for conversion. These include internal height, pitch of roof and foot print.

You also need to know that if major construction work is required, you will have to take permission from the planning commission. Once the experts inspect your place, they will apply for the permission, if required.

Make the lofts rightly designed

Traditionally, the loft conversions were boring and less appealing but now they are interactive and appealing thanks to the interior decorators. They plan the interior decoration of the lofts according to the purpose for which the loft is constructed. You can hire the services of loft decorator once the loft is fully converted into your house. Right from the paint color to the design of the floor and roof are taken into consideration by the loft conversion interior designers. In addition to these, they also check the curtain type, furniture style, lighting and ventilation of the loft. They also make the necessary modifications in the house if needed to improve the looks of the property.

Add value to your house

Well maintained house and a house with a more number of rooms generally fetch out more money from the buyers and tenants to the property. Similarly, when a loft conversion is done to your house you will be able to get more prices for your house. So, if you are planning to sell your house or make it available for rent, then think about the loft conversions to increase the worth of your house. It also enables the property owner to demand for the higher prices and in most of the cases they get more prices for the similar type of property.

You can hire the professionals forgetting the work done. Apart from loft conversion, they also offer garage and basement conversions that you can get done as per the space requirements.

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Loft Conversions For Increasing The Living Space

Article Written By: Skyline Lofts UK

You may have a big house, but once you start living there you will realize the lack of space in your house. Such house owners also keep on looking for the alternative ways to add on the extra space in their house. Out of the several ways for increasing the living space in the house without spending too much, loft conversion is a great idea. It is a type of modification in the house in which there is not much change in the design of the house. It is the use of free space in the house for converting into the living space.

If you have decided for the loft conversions in your house, you need to hire the loft conversion specialists for identifying the best unused space in your house for loft conversions. Generally, the attic portion is used for loft conversions. The design of the loft conversion depends upon the need of conversion. House owners can get it designed as a guest room, kid’s room, mini office or study room. Depending upon your need of conversions, the interiors are decided.

Take help from the experts

There are lots of loft conversion companies which help in efficient loft conversions in the house without much altering the architecture of the house. They help in recognizing the type of conversion that could be possible in your house. Another important thing for which they help is in identifying whether conversions are possible or not. If possible, they first develop the plan for loft conversion and get it approved by the concerned authority for initiating the process of conversion.

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Create An Office Space In Your House With Loft Conversion

Internet technologies have enabled the people to conduct their office work from home. They just need their laptop and the right corner in their house where they can concentrate on their work. In London, there is an increasing trend among the people with a small house for loft conversions to add on extra living space in their house.

Start your business from home

Entrepreneurs can start their business from home in order to save the capital for starting their business. Thus, to conduct the business activities from home, you can choose loft conversions if there is small living space in the house. This type of conversion can be done very easily by the professional London loft conversion specialists. These professionals get the lofts designed in an efficient manner that it looks like an office. Interiors of the mini office are done by the specialists so that it one can get a complete feel of office in the house.

A great help for the women

Modern women are the homemakers as well as good professionals. They are well versed in handling work at home and in the office. But several times, there are problems for the women in maintaining the balance between the two hence it is a better idea to do their office work from home. There are lots of companies that allow their female employees to login for their work account from their home. In this way, women are able to look after their house while without bearing loss in their work. But working from home cannot be done from the living area of the house especially when there are children and it’s a joint family. They need a separate space for concentrating on their work.  In case of small house, loft conversions for the office space are the best idea. Women can work without disturbance from the mini office in their house.

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